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Institute Under Graduate Committee (IUGC)


IUGC is an Institute level committee for dealing with all the academic matters of all the UG students.

IUGC combines the duties/work scope of Discipline Under Graduate Committee (DUGC), Under

Graduate Programme Committee (UGPC) and Under Graduate Academic Performance Evaluation

Committee (UGAPEC) as mentioned below:


Duties/Work Scope of Academic Committees for the UG Students


Committee Name

Associated Duties/Work Scope

Institute     Under


Committee (IUGC)

combining duties

or work scope of



Discipline Under-




1.    To handle all academic matters, related to both academic programmes as well as academic performance, Disciplinary matters, Academic Malpractices of individual UG students. And, send its recommendations to the UGAPEC or UGPC as the case may be.



Programme Committee


1.     Assessment of the academic programmes and suggest appropriate revisions or modifications or improvements to the Senate/Academic Council.

2. Initiate the process of starting new UG programmes.

3. Revising the UG curriculum.








1.     Monitoring the academic performance of the UG students through DUGC.

2.     To address all issues related to the academic performance and academic malpractices as reported by the DUGC.

3.     To discussion cases related to Early-termination of UG students based on the recommendations of DUGC and submit its recommendations to the Senate/Academic Council.




 Following is the IUGC till 31st Dec. 2014:


1. Dean, Academic Affairs, Ex-officio - Convener

2. Head of School, (Engineering) Ex-officio

3. Head of School, (Basic Sciences) Ex-officio

4. Head of School, (Humanities & Social Sciences), Ex-officio

5. Dr. Tushar Kanti Mukherjee

6. Dr. Sk. Safique Ahmad

7. Dr. Rajesh Kumar

8. Dr. Anil Kumar Emadabathuni

9. Dr. M. Anbarasu

10. Dr. M. Santhakumar

11. Dr. Abhishek Srivastava

12. Dr. Nirmala Menon

13. Dr. Sanjaram Premjit

14. *Academic Secretary of Student Gymkhana/ UG Student Representative, Ex-officio

15. DR/AR, Academic Affairs (Ex-officio) − Member Secretary

(* to be excused from those meetings or part of meeting in which certain academic performance

issues of the students are to be discussed at the discretion of the Convener)

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