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School Post Graduate Committee (SPGC)


School Post-Graduate Committee (SPGC): Each School has a committee to deal with all

the academic matters of the PG students whose convener is its HOS. Its associated

duties/work scope are mentioned below. The Faculty advisors or thesis supervisors of the

PG students report the academic matters related to the PG students to the concerned






Associated Duties/Work Scope

School    Post-




1. Members: 2-3 faculty members from the concerned discipline representing   all   the   major specialization of that discipline.

2. Convener: Concerned HOD/HOS.

1. To handle all academic matters, related to both academic programmes as well as academic performance of individual PG students. And, send its recommendations to the PGAPEC or PGPC as the case may be.









School Post Graduate Committees till 31st Dec. 2014 are as follows



SPGC (Engineering)


SPGC (Sciences)

1.    HOS − (Engineering)  Ex- officio,  Convener

2.    Dr. Anand Parey

3.    Dr. Abhinav Kranti

4.    Dr. Aruna Tiwari

5.    Dr. Vivek Kanhangad


1.    Dr. C Upendra, Convener

2.    Dr. Amarjeet Nayak

3.    Dr. Sanjaram Premjit

4.    Dr. Sujata

5.    Dr. Niraj Mishra

1.    Convener, (Discipline of Mathematics) Ex-officio Convener

2.    HOS − (Basic Sciences) Ex-officio

3.    Convener, (Discipline of Chemistry) Ex-officio

4.    Convener, (Discipline of Physics) Ex-officio

5.    Dr. Satya S. Bulusu

6.    Dr. Sampak Samanta

7.    Dr. Anand Prakash