Jobs and Careers in IIT Indore

Faculty Appointments

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  • Openings for DST-INSPIRE / Ramanujan Faculty Fellows in the Centre of Astronomy, IIT Indore. | Advertisement im

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Post-Doctoral Fellowships

  • Advertisement for the position of Advertisement for the post of Research Assistant and Research Associate in ICSSR funded research project | Advertisement
    ( Title: "Knowledge Spillovers of Foreign Patenting on Indian Firms: Econometric Analysis Using Patent Citation Data.")
  • Advertisement for the position of Research Associate (RA) in CSIR funded research project | Advertisement
    ( Title: "Development Of The Technique For The Growth Of Metal Oxide Nano-porous Materials For Supercapacitors Applications.")
  • Advertisement for a Postdoctoral Position | Advertisement
    ( Title: "Cosmic Reionization with the Square Kilometer Array (SKA)".)
  • Advertisement for a Postdoctoral Position in Chemistry | Advertisement
    ( Title: "Visible-Light Mediated Direct Functionalization of Heteroaromatic Compounds through C-H Activation".)
  • Postdoctoral Position in Computational Chemistry | Advertisement
    ( Title: "Designing of Molecular Electroctalysts for CO2 reduction/hydrogenation Reactions”.)
  • Advertisement for a Postdoctoral Position in Chemistry | Advertisement
    ( Title: "Chemical Reactions Directed Molecular Self-assembly for Optoelectronic and Nanocatalysis Applications.")
  • Institute Postdoctoral Fellow in High Energy Physics| Advertisement
    ( Title: "Experimental and Phenomenological Studies of Quark-Gluon Plasma.")
  • Postdoctoral Position in the research project. | Advertisement
    ( Title: "Research and development of high sensitivity organic photosensitive transistors.")

JRF / SRF Positions

  • JRF Position in DBT funded Research Project | Advertisement
    ( Title: "Demonstration of sustainable algal biomass production in outdoor environment for cost effective biofuel production.")
  • Walk-in advertisement for Research Assistant-III in DST funded research project | Advertisement
    ( Title: "Design of efficient strategies for phase estimation in optical metrology using advance signal processing techniques.")
  • Walk-in Interview for Research Assistant-I/Senior Research Fellow/Junior Research Fellow in DEITY funded research project | Advertisement
    ( Title: "Design of Robust Communication Receiver based on OFDM in Interference Limited Channels for TVWS (IEEE 802.22).")
  • JRF Position in a SERB funded Research Project | Advertisement
    ( Title: "Design and Development of a Trusted and Accountable Cloud Computing Platform".)
  • Walk-in Advertisement for Senior Research Fellow for DST-UAY Project | Advertisement
    ( Title: "Internal noise measurement, analysis, source identification and design counter measures for trucks and buses")
  • SRF Position in Spray Characterisation | Advertisement
    ( Title: "Dense spray measurement using Laser Sheet Dropsozing in air-assisted atomizer")
  • Recruitment of JRF in a DST-SERB funded sponsered project in Complex System Lab. | Advertisement
    ( Title: "Analysis of Interplay of Multiplexing and Optimization in Complex Network")
  • JRF position in DST funded Research Project in Physics | Advertisement
    ( Title: "Challenges in Particle Physics after Higgs Discovery")
  • JRF/SRF/RA position in Chemistry Advertisement
    ( Title: "Studies of Certain Thiocarboxylate Based Ligands and Their Metal Complexes: Synthesis, X-ray Structures and Electrochemical Properties")
  • Various Positions in a CSIR funded Research Project.| Advertisement
    ( Title: Atomistic Modeling of Cathode Electrode for PEM Fuel Cells)
  • Recruitment of JRF/SRF/RA in the Complex System Lab at IIT Indore | Advertisement
    Title of available projects:
    • Analyzing evolution of complex systems using coupled dynamics on network models
    • Systems Biology approach to human diseases
    • Extreme events on networks
    • Analysis of social networks under random matrix theory framework
  • JRF/Project Assistant Position under ALICE Project (Experimental High Energy Physics)| Advertisement
    ( Title:  Advertisement for JRF Position in ALICE-Operation and Utilization)

Non Teaching Recruitment

Walk-In Interview


  • Advertisement for Medical Officer (On Contract) | Details