Post-Doctoral Fellowships Positions

Title of the Project Contact Person Advertisment
Designing materials for application in CO 2 capture and utilization
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh Download pdf
BODIPY based materials for Bulk heterojunction solar cell
Professor Rajneesh Misra Download pdf
Atomistic Designing of Mn-based complexes for CO 2 hydrogenation Reactions.
Dr. Biswarup Pathak Download pdf
Investigations, Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization of Additive Manufacturing of High Melting Point Materials.
Prof. Neelesh Kumar Jain Download pdf
Extreme value statistics and evolution of various patterns in real world complex systems.
Prof. Sarika Jalan Download pdf
Univalent Harmonic Functions and Hyperbolic Metric.
Dr. Swadesh Kumar Sahoo Download pdf
Lithium Dendrite Suppression in Li-based Batteries.
Dr. Sudeshna Chattopadhyay Download pdf
Postdoctoral position in Astronomy.
hodastronomy Download pdf
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics.
Dr Somaditya Sen Download pdf
Process Documentation of Samagra Portal.
Dr. Pritee Sharma Download pdf
Fabrication and characterization of nanomaterial based devices.
Dr Rajesh Kumar Download pdf
Facile Synthesis of Metal-based Materials for Efficient Multipurpose Applications.
Dr. Shaikh M. Mobin Download pdf
Atomistic Scale Modelling of Nanocluster for Fuel Cell Applications.
Dr. Biswarup Pathak Download pdf
Development of novel methodologies for Secured, Trusted & Optimized Reusable Intellectual Property (IP) cores for Multi Floating Point Unit on Chip design.
- Download pdf
Visible-Light Mediated Direct Functionalization of Heteroaromatic Compounds through C-H Activation.
Dr. Sampak Samanta Download pdf
Chemical Reactions Directed Molecular Self-assembly for Optoelectronic and Nanocatalysis Applications.
Dr. Apurba K. Das Download pdf
Experimental and Phenomenological Studies of Quark-Gluon Plasma.
Dr. Raghunath Sahoo Download pdf

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