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Counselling Cell
University life can be fun and fulfilling, providing the students various opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge, develop your character. This is an important milestone before you join the workforce and launch your career.

However, adjusting to the new environment and managing academic and personal demands may induce high levels of stress and anxiety. Confiding in family or friends is a good coping strategy but if the issues persist over a long period of time, consider seeking professional help as an option before these issues affect your quality of life.
IIT-Indore has a Student Counselling Centre in place that offers supportive and conducive environment for any student with personal issues or challenges to seek help and guidance from a professional counsellor. Our counsellor Ms. Monika Gupta (M.Phil, Clinical Psychology, NIMHANS, Bangalore) is available to provide help and support for students from diverse religious, cultural, ethnic backgrounds.

The role of a counsellor is to offer support to the students to deal with a wide range of concerns -be it academic, personal, emotional, family or peer related through counselling. Counsellor will meet students and their parents as and when needed. Parents and teachers for students' concerns can also approach counsellor.
Counselling is a helping process which aims to facilitate the process of growth and positive well being. Counselling emphasises awareness and prevention along with early identification and intervention of mental health issues. It allows students to effectively deal with problems and issues before they become unmanageable. Counselling empowers students with enhanced ability to solve problems, make decisions and deal more effectively with their personal situations. It helps students to alleviate distress, enhance wellness, utilizing their best potentials and facilitate the achievements.

Counsellor listens to the students' concerns with empathy and responds in a non judgemental way. The process is confidential except in a condition where disclosure is necessary to protect you or another person or abide by the institute policy.
Some of the common concerns of this age group student's are-
  • Academic pressures ( Lack of concentration and motivation for studies, underachievement, backlogs, exam stress, unhealthy competition)
  • Loneliness and homesickness
  • Adjustment difficulties
  • Peer pressure
  • Relationship issues
  • Family Problems
  • Procrastination
  • Cyber bullying
  • Behavioural problems (anger outbursts, disobedience, lying etc)
  • Low confidence and self esteem
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Depression ,anxiety and other mental health problems)
  • Substance abuse
To make an appointment with the counsellor, please contact Ms. Monika Gupta at 0731-2438749 (O) or counsellor[at]