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Student housing
IIT Indore provides campus housing of higher standards for students of IIT Indore. IIT Indore have two hostels which has more than 40 flats and 20 cottages near temporary campus and around.
Student body
IIT Indore have its own students' council elected through an election among the students. The students are represented in the IIT Senate and other forums through the Vice President of the Student's Council, elected through the elections. The election process in IITs is quite unlike the other colleges.
All IITs organize annual technical festivals in which students from the IIT and even other colleges participate. IIT Indore celebrates 'Fluxus' and 'Ferocia'.
Fluxus is the annual cultural and technical festival of IIT Indore, held annually in February. Ferocia is the annual sports festival of IIT Indore and recently held in October 2011 for the first time. All the money required for the organization of these events are sourced from sponsors of the event, and if required the remainder from the students of the institute. The institute remains closed during these festivals to allow better participation of the students.
Inter IIT Sports Meet
All the IITs compete in a variety of sports held under the purview of the Annual Inter IIT Sports Meet. The competition is organized every year in the month of December in one of the seven IITs by a policy of rotation. The events in the Inter IIT Sports are aquatics,athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, swimming, lawn and squash tennis, table tennis, volleyball, water polo and weightlifting. In span of three years of Inter IIT Sports Meet participation, IIT Indore won 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronz Medal.
IIT Indore plans to have world-class research programmes, as it evolves. The focus would also be on cutting-edge interdisciplinary research. IIT Indore offers a 4-year Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) programmes in several engineering fields. The postgraduate programs at IIT Indore includes Ph.D. programmes in engineering, humanities and basic sciences.