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Students' Gymkhana
The Student's Gymkhana of IIT Indore was established in 2009. It is the student governing body of the institute and is run entirely by the students. The main aim of the gymkhana is to promote various extra-curricular activities and to help nurture the talents of the students. It also aims at fostering the leadership qualities of the students and imbibes in them the priceless values of hard work, teamwork and sincerity.

The Student's Gymkhana comprises of The Executive Wing and The Senate. The Executive Wing includes the General Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Academic Secretary, Sports Secretary, Science and Technology Secretary and Transport Secretary. The Executive Wing is the main decision making body and is responsible for all the activities pertaining to the students. The Senate acts as a link between the students and the Executive Wing and the executive wing acts as the link between students and the administration. The members of the Executive Wing as well as the Senate are elected through general elections.

The Student's Gymkhana has a say in all major policy decisions concerning the students. The Academic Secretary is always a part of the IUGC meeting.
The Gymkhana is instrumental in harbouring a feeling of brotherhood amongst students from different ethnicities and it is this harmony which holds the welfare of the students in good stead.
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