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Research Area
      School of Engineering  

Architectural Synthesis using Adaptive Computation
Semiconductor Devices Physics and Technology
Si/SOI Technology Thin Film Technology
Laser and Photo-detectors
MuGFETs Devices Modeling and Technology
Micro/Nano-Device Fabrication and Semiconductor Optoelectronics
MEMS/NEMS Technology
Terahertz and Ultraviolet Technology
Organic Electronic/Photonic Devices and their Applications
VLSI/ULSI Circuit and System Design
Analog and Mixed Signal Design
Application of Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Systems
Signal Processing
FPGA based System Design
Reconfigurable System Design
Embedded System
Design Control System Engineering
RF Microwave Engineering
Communication Technology
Organic Electronics/Photonics
Algorithms, Theoretical Computer Science
Softcomputing, Game Artificial Intellignce (AI)
Power Electronics
Modelling and Simulation of Engineering Systems with Bond Graphs
Signal Processing
Condition monitoring
Noise and vibration isolation
Signal Processing of Mechanical Systems
Advanced or Non-traditional Machining Processes
Hybrid Machining Processes
Micro-machining and Nano-finishing Processes
Manufacturing Process Selection and Process Parameters Optimization
Manufacturing Process Modeling
Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP), CAD/CAM, and Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Application of Soft Computing Techniques for Manufacturing Processes
Desiccant Air Conditioning Systems, Two Phase Flow, Renewable Energy, Heat Transfer.
Biogas, Microbial Fuel Cell, CO2 Capture.
Thermal engineering
Thermal hydraulics
Multiphase Flows
Experimental thermo-fluid science

       School of Basic Science 

Complex Systems
Nonlinear Dynamics
Network Theory
Systems Biology
Photophysics of drug molecules
Study of different biological systems by fluorescence spectroscopy
Organic Synthesis
Peptide and DNA based nanostructured materials
Systems Chemistry
Supramolecular electronics
Functional Dyes
Transition-Metal Coordination Chemistry
Inorganic and Organometallic Pharmaceuticals
Activation of Small Molecules by Coordination with Biological and Industrial Significance
Nanostructured Materials
Polymer composites
Biomimetic materials chemistry
Self and directed assembly of organic-inorganic materials.
Numerical Linear Algebra
Stabily analysis for Stochastic Differential Equations
Algebraic topology
Hadron Physics
Physics beyond Standard Model
Analysis Techniques to analyse rare decay modes
Terahertz Spectroscopy
Condensed Matter Physics
Phenomenological aspects of particle physics,
Neutrino physics
Large Hadron Collider related physics
Neutrino astronomy.
ALICE Experiment at LHC, CERN, Geneva
Phenomenology of Quark Gluon Plasma

       School of Humanities and Social Sciences 

Moral and Political Philosophy
Moral Philosophy (Epistemology)
History of Philosophy
Philosophical Foundations of Social Sciences
Agricultural Economics (Economics of Land, Water and Forests)
Development Economics (Rural Poverty and Trade Concerns of Developing Countries)
International R & D Spillovers; Technology Transfer
Intellectual Property Rights
Indian Writing in English
Postcolonial Theory
Comparative Literature
African American Fiction
Urban Narratives
Event Studies