Surface engineering is an interdisciplinary subject, requiring knowledge of several engineering and science branches. It primarily offers application oriented paradigms that find utility in industrial components that require surfaces with specific properties and functions. Issues such as corrosion, oxidation, wear, friction, dielectric properties, hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity etc. begin from the surface. Conventional techniques such as paint coatings, electroplating, phosphating/chromating and modern techniques such as PVD/CVD, Lasers, thermal spray etc. are used to change the surface properties. Another aspect of surface engineering is to know the mechanism of surface modification. Several surface exploratory techniques such as SEM/EDAX/EPMA/SIMS/AES/ESCA/AFM/IFB/XRD, are all surface related equipments which are required to understand the mechanism of surface degradation or its protection mechanism in terms of the changed surface composition, its microstructure or morphology. The subject of surface science has developed owing to the efforts of chemists, metallurgists, material scientists, and those working in physical sciences. Indian Institute of Technology, Indore is establishing a state of the art Surface Science and Engineering Group, covering many such aspects, ranging from the surface modification by organic coatings, PVD/CVD, laser or thermal spray and huge characterization facilities mentioned above.

In order to review various aspects of surface science and engineering, a systematic study on the surface conditions, surface structure, methods of surface modification and techniques to analyze surfaces, a two day workshop is being organized to discuss these things in greater details, chalkout the research program and explore the scope for IIT Indore for collaborations.