Ph.D. Students
Varun Bajaj
Roll Number: 1010201
Email: varun[at]
Research Topic: Biomedical signal processing
Keshav Patidar
Roll Number: 1010202
Email: keshavp[at]
Research Topic: Grid connected Converter
Dheeraj Sharma
Roll Number: 1010203
Email: dheerajs[at]
Research Topic: Multigate technologies & circuit design
Chandrabhan Kushwaha
Roll Number: 1010204
Email: chandrabhan[at]
Research Topic: Multigate technologies & circuit design
Pooja Jain
Roll Number: 1010205
Email: poojaj[at]
Research Topic: Speech Signal Processing
Saurabh Pandey
Roll Number: 1010206
Email: saurabhp[at]
Research Topic: Thin Film Optoelecronics
Anubha Bilgaiyan
Roll Number: 11110201
Email: phd11110201[at]
Research Topic: Research & Development of Flexible Organic Field Effect Transistors
Mukta Singh Parihar
Roll Number: 11110202
Email: phd11110202[at]
Research Topic: Evaluation of Junctionless Transistor Architecture for Nest Generation CMOS Devices/Circuits
Shivnarayan Patidar
Roll Number: 11110203
Email: phd11110203[at]
Research Topic: Biomedical signal processing
Shruti Verma
Roll Number: 11110204
Email: shruti.verma[at]
Research Topic: Hybride Light Emitting Diode
Kshitij Bhargava
Roll Number: 11110205
Email: phd11110205[at]
Research Topic: Study of Photocarrier Generation in Organic Materials towards Development of Photosensitive Transistors
Sushil Kumar Pandey
Roll Number: 11110206
Email: sushil.pandey[at]
Research Topic: Superlattice Light Emitting Diode
Pragya Agar Palod
Roll Number: 11110207
Email: pragya.palod[at]
Research Topic: Study of Optical / Electrochemical Biosensors using Organic Materials
Ghosh Dipankar
Roll Number: 11120201
Email: phd11120201[at]
Research Topic: Low-Power Analog/RF Devices & Circuits
Reniwal Bhupendra
Roll Number: 11120202
Email: phd11120202[at]
Research Topic: Universal sense amplifier design using FinFET for ultra low power Memory circuits
Singh Pooran
Roll Number: 11120203
Email: phd11120203[at]
Research Topic: Optimization Techniques in FPGA based system design
Vijayvargiya Vikas
Roll Number: 11120204
Email: phd11120204[at]
Research Topic: Compact Analytical Modeling of Multigate, Gate-all around Mosfet in Quantum domain
Ashish Kumar
Roll Number: 12110202
Email: phd12110202[at]

Deblina Biswas
Roll Number: 12110203
Email: phd12110203[at]

Krishna Dayal Shukla
Roll Number: 12110204
Email: phd12110204[at]

Ricky Anthony
Roll Number: 12110207
Email: phd12110207[at]

Shivendra Kumar Pandey
Roll Number: 12110208
Email: phd12110208[at]

Smriti Sahu
Roll Number: 12110209
Email: phd12110209[at]

Suneel Yadav
Roll Number: 12110210
Email: phd12110210[at]

Tejendra Dixit
Roll Number: 12110211
Email: phd12110211[at]

Vishnu Awasthi
Roll Number: 12110212
Email: phd12110212[at]