The School of Humanities and Social Sciences offers courses during the four years of all B Tech programmes. The structure of the courses is as follows:
Course CodeCourse Name Semester and Year
HS 107English LiteratureAutumn (1st Year)
HS 157English Language LabAutumn (1st Year)
HS 108Fundamentals of EconomicsSpring (1st Year)
HS 201 / HS 203 / HS 205 / HS 207Philosophy / Psychology / Sociology / French Language Autumn (2nd Year)
HS xxxOptions currently offered*: History of Early Cinema, International Economics, Appreciating Indian English Literature Autumn (3rd Year)
HS 302Environmental Studies: Social Aspects Spring (3rd Year)
Institute ElectiveHSS Courses#Autumn (4th Year)
* Elective courses are offered by faculty members of various disciplines.
# Faculty members will also offer courses as Institute Electives during the 7th semester of all B Tech programmes.
The students have to clear minimum 13.5 credits from the School of HSS with maximum of 16.5 credits if student choose HSS Course as Institute Elective in 4th year.

The School offers advanced masters level and doctoral level courses to its PhD scholars based on their research needs and the needs of undertaking interdisciplinary courses. The scholars can also choose to do courses from other schools during the first year as a part of their course work requirements.

Courses for PhD programme:

Course CodeCourse NameSemester
HS 601Research Methods in Social SciencesAutumn
HS 602Fundamentals of KnowledgeSpring
HS 603EpistemologyAutumn
HS 604Ethics, Politics and SocietySpring
HS 606Moral PhilosophySpring
HS 623 Advanced MicroeconomicsAutumn
HS 624Econometrics ISpring
HS 626Environmental and Natural Resource EconomicsSpring
HS 628Institutional EconomicsSpring
HSS 741Black Literary Cultures and the Slave TraditionAutumn
HSS 743Indian English FictionAutumn
HSS 745Postcolonial Theory and CriticismAutumn
HSS 742 Twentieth Century and the European NovelSpring
HSS 744South Asian Diaspora LiteratureSpring
HSS 746 Translation Studies Spring
HS 797 / 798Seminar CourseAutumn / Spring

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