The School of Humanities and Social Sciences in its current form includes the Disciplines of Economics, English Literature, Philosophy and Psychological Science, with Sociology being added in the near future. The primary focus of the school is research and all the disciplines have Graduate programs up and running. The areas of interest run a wide gamut ranging from issues pertaining to food security and climate change to error intrusion in human machine interface and from narratology and story design to the idea of resistance and change as epistemic event.

The disciplines at the school while rooted in their traditions are also envisaged as a dynamic confederation of systems of thought with the capacity to establish bridges among themselves and also with areas not necessarily coming under or confined to the rubric of elusive terms such as humanities, science or engineering. As our archives grapple with the past, attempt to make sense of the present and anticipate the future the School is committed to understanding the evolution of concepts that influence the archive and more importantly to provide a space where the process of sharing ideas is understood organically and where ideation and the prototypal eventually become practice.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences
      School of Humanities and  Social Sciences
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