The faculty members are from diverse streams and specializations. Being a part of an emerging and relatively new institute, together with extremely competent research faculty, the Physics faculty of IIT Indore offer a unique interactive platform for the students to explore the arena of fundamental and applied research.

It is in the process of procuring several sophisticated  instruments including
The following equipments will be installed in near future:
  • High temperature box furnace (1700°C)
  • Single zone split-tube furnace (1200°C)
  • Hydraulic press with (capacity of 15 tons)
  • Low-speed Diamond Saw
  • Closed cycle variable temperature cryogenic system for low temperature measurements and  related equipments
  • System source meter instrument (multi-channel I-V test solution)
  • DELL Computer workstation (DELL T5500)

Discipline of Physics
     School of Basic Sciences
      School of Humanities and  Social Sciences
The ever expanding ocean of knowledge is a priceless heritage of entire human race. In the present era, when science is advancing rapidly, the education and the research have been identified to be of utmost importance. From the ancient times, physics has attracted human race due to their curiosity to know about Origin of Universe, Gravity, Time and Space, Optics, Electricity, Magnetism, Atomic Structure, Fundamental Particles, Radiation, Heat, etc. The discipline of physics aims to educate the students by giving them a blend of knowledge of fundamental and applied physics, as well as our faculties aspire to develop advanced research areas in this new institute.
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