To think “beyond borders” is to think in dialogic, transactional and transgressive ways across disparate borders: geographic, sociological, anthropological, cultural, economic, political, philosophical, psychoanalytic and linguistic to name a few. The intersection between different ways or modes of interpretation and understanding, and the kind of borders crossed lead to disparate outcomes for those undertaking the journey. These disparate outcomes suggest both the limitations and the possibilities of border crossings. A few critical questions emerge in this regard: What are the possibilities of writing, thinking and communicating beyond borders? What is at risk, and what is gained and lost in the blurring or dissolution of borders? Are disciplinary borders relevant in our times? What issues and problems do we encounter in such crossovers? Like nations, are interpretive borders imagined and arbitrary? Do they possess subversive potential or are they merely there to be crossed? We invite submissions that engage with any number of diverse notions of “beyond borders”. The conference embodies its theme by intersecting disciplinary borders and welcomes papers in diverse disciplines across the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The conference focuses on the following issues (though contributors may also focus on issues related to the theme not falling under the below mentioned themes):

Politics of Beyond Borders
Developmental Perspectives
Languages Across Borders
Developmental Studies
Disciplinary Boundaries
Gender Transgressions
Translations, Cultural and Literary
Nations and Nationality
Orality and Literacy
Social and Community Studies
Cultural Studies
Global Studies
Organizational Studies
Development and Society
Behavioural Finance
Science, Technology, and Society
Social Innovation
Applied Social Sceince Research
Human Behavior: Social and Biological Encounters
Experience: Inter-disciplinary Perspective
Human System Interaction
Social Design

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    Planery talks, parallel talks and mini-symposia
    Oral and poster presentations
    Interactive sessions (actual demonstration of experiments)

    IIT Indore, established in 2009 by the Government of India is an institution that focuses on interdisciplinary research and teaching. The institute is growing rapidly as one of the centers for advanced learning and knowledge dissemination in not only pure and applied sciences and Engineering, but also looking for new directions in various fields integral to Humanities & Social Sciences. The larger commitment of the institute to socio-economic development of the society is evident in its multi-dimensional approach to social problems and engraved in its motto ('knowledge for the well being of all'), which makes this institution one of its kind and it stands out even within the distinguished IIT family.


    IIT Indore aims to make this a biennial conference and is happy to host it; we are also open to suggestions of holding the conference at different institutes/universities if colleagues are willing and able to do so at their home institutes. IIT Indore aims to launch a peer reviewed, academic journal that will select the best papers from the conference to be revised as a publication. We look forward to enriching, mutually rewarding and beneficial collaborations with interested scholars.