Smart Card Facility

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All users are requested to contact the Administrative Officer for obtaining their cards:

For the following cards requests, please submit your details online in the link provided this page.

  1. Fresh Cards (first time users)

  2. Re-issue of cards (if information is incorrectly printed)

  3. Request for new cards (if your card is lost or damaged)

For the following issues, please write to

  1. Blocking of lost card        (If you card is lost)

  2. Suggestions                   (If you have any suggestion to improve the system)

  3. Queries                         (If you have any queries regarding the smart card facility)

  4. Fingerprint not matched (If your fingerprint does not match/if the system does not detect your fingerprint)

  5. Cash                            (If the Cash Deposit Kiosk does not accept cash)

  6. Non-working of devices (If you find that any device is not working in the institute)

  7. Failed transactions        (If the Cash Deposit Kiosk does not give any receipt after depositing cash)

  8. Username                    (If you do not know your username for the online smart card account)

  9. Any other complaints    (If you have any other complaint)

Contact Person




:  Mr. Dinesh​

​smartcardcell [at]​n

: 07324-306 790

: SB-318(A), School Building