Former - 4

  Dr. Aditya A. Shastri Novel Statistical and Probabilistic Machine Learning Algorithms
for Genotype Clustering and Cancer Classification

(Ph.D. defended in July 2021)
(Now Asst. Prof. at NMIMS Shirpur)
  Dr. Navneet Pratap Singh Stable Linear Solves with Preconditioner Updates for Model Reduction
(Ph.D. defended in March 2021)
(Now Asst. Prof. at LNMIIT Jaipur)
  Dr. Pramod C. Mane Game Theoretic Models in Social Cloud
(Ph.D. defended in May 2020)
(Now Asst. Prof. at NIT Raipur; Jointly with Dr. Nagarajan @ IIM Indore)
  Dr. Rajendra Choudhary Stability Analysis of Inexact Linear Solves in Model Order Reduction
(Ph.D. defended in Oct 2019)
(Now a Postdoctoral Fellow at LU Hannover, Germany)

Current (Near Completion - 1)

  Mr. Rohit Agrawal Novel Optimization Algorithms for Steganography & Chip Routing
(Ph.D. sent for external review in July 2021; defense planned in Oct 2021)