IIT Indore

Faculty Profile
Electrical Engineering

Current Ph.D. Students

Siddharth Savner

Thesis: Crowd Analysis in Video

Ashish Anand

Thesis: Satellite Image Analysis

Former Ph.D. Students

Shishir Maheshwari, 2020
Thesis: Advanced Image Analysis Techniques for Automated Glaucoma Diagnosis using Retinal Fundus Images 
Co-supervisor: Prof. Ram Bilas Pachori

Vijay Anand,
Thesis: High-resolution Fingerprint Recognition: Indexing, Feature Extraction and Comparison

Thesis: Presentation Attack Detection and Matching Techniques for Hand-based Biometric Systems
Co-supervisor: Prof. Narendra S. Chaudhari

Ankita Jain, 2019

Thesis: Human Behavior Analysis using Smartphone Sensor Data

T. Sunil Kumar, 2018

Thesis: One-dimensional Local Descriptors for Signal Feature Representation 


M.Tech. Thesis students


Omkishor Sahu (co-supervision)


B.Tech. Project Students (Former) 

  Rashmi Yadawad, Vipul Garg

 ·         Madhulika Vilas Deshmukh, Preeti Goyadi

            Pranjalya Singh, Pragalbh Garg: Anti-spoofing techniques for hand biometrics

 ·         Rahul Verma, Ankit Gupta: Hand gesture recognition & its applications

 ·         Rubal Singla, Shreesha Chatra: Object tracking in video

 ·         Srishti Gupta, Kotha Samhitha Reddy: Face detection and recognition