1.      Digital Signal Processing (UG, EC 4100, EE 304), Spring-2009, Spring-2016 (with Dr. V. Kanhangad).

2.      Time-Frequency Analysis (PG, EE 701, Elective), Spring-2009, Autumn-2010, Spring-2011, Autumn-2012, Autumn-2013, Autumn-2014, Autumn-2015, Autumn-2016, Autumn-2017, Autumn-2018, Autumn-2019, Autumn-2020, Autumn-2021.

3.      Soft Computing Techniques (PG, EE 604), Spring-2014, Spring-2018 (CS 401/601: Soft Computing), Spring-2019.

4.      Advanced Signal Processing (PG, EE 641), Autumn-2011.

5.      Basic Electronics and Electrical Engineering (UG, EE 104), Autumn-2010, Autumn-2019 (with Dr. V. Kanhangad, Dr. P.K. Upadhyay, Dr. T. Jain, and Dr. S.K. Vishvakarma).

6.      Basic Electronics and Electrical Engineering Lab (UG, EE 154), Autumn-2010.

7.      Signals and Systems (UG, EC 3105) and (UG, EE 202), Autumn-2008 (with Prof. J. Sivaswamy), Autumn-2009, Spring-2011, Spring-2012, Spring-2013, Spring-2014, Spring-2015, Spring-2017, Spring-2018, Spring-2019 (with Dr. A.K. Singh), Spring-2020 (with Dr. S. Vasudevan), Spring-2021 (with Dr. S. Vasudevan), Spring-2022 (with Dr. S. Vasudevan).

8.      Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Circuits (UG, EE 102), Spring-2010 (with Dr. A.C. Umarikar).

9.      Communication Systems (UG, EE 307), Autumn-2011, Autumn-2012, Autumn-2013, Autumn-2014, Autumn-2015 (with Prof. V. Bhatia), Autumn-2020 (with Prof. V. Bhatia), Autumn-2021 (with Prof. V. Bhatia).

10.  Experimental Engineering Lab (UG, IC 211), Autumn-2011 (with Dr. R. Kumar, Dr. A. Kumar, and Dr. S.K. Vishvakarma).

11.  Communications Lab (UG, EE 356), Spring-2012, Spring-2013 (with Dr. V. Kanhangad), Spring-2017 (with Dr. V. Kanhangad and Dr. P.K. Upadhyay).

12.  Speech Signal Processing (PG, EE 740), Spring-2015, Spring-2020, Spring-2021, Spring-2022 (with Dr. N. Tiwari).

13.  Wireless Communication (PG, EE 642), Spring-2016 (with Dr. P.K. Upadhyay).

14.  Image Processing (PG, EE 644), Spring-2017 (with Dr. V. Kanhangad).