Post-Doctoral Research/Research Associate Supervision:


1.      Manish Sharma, Automated classification of biomedical signals based on time-frequency localized wavelet filter banks, December 2015-December 2016 (Post-doctoral fellow).


2.      Vipin Gupta, Development of new methodologies for analysis and classification of epileptic seizure EEG signals (CSIR project), June 2016-December 2018 (Research associate).


Ph. D. Thesis Supervision:




1.      Varun Bajaj, Analysis and classification of EEG signals using novel features based on non-stationary signal decompositions, February 2014.


2.      Pooja Jain, Noise resilient speech signal analysis using non-stationary signal processing techniques, April 2015.


3.      Shivnarayan Patidar, Tunable-Q wavelet transform based methodologies for analysis and classification of cardiac signals, May 2015.


4.      Rajeev Sharma, Automated identification systems based on advanced signal processing techniques applied on EEG signals, February 2017.


5.      Dinesh Bhati, Design of time-frequency localized three-band wavelet filter banks and applications in EEG signal analysis, February 2017. (at IIT Bombay, with Prof. V.M. Gadre).


6.      Abhay Upadhyay, New methods based on variational mode decomposition for speech signal analysis, November 2017.


7.      Abhijit Bhattacharyya, Advanced wavelet transforms based EEG signal processing methods for epilepsy diagnosis, October 2018.


8.      Rishi Raj Sharma, Non-stationary signal processing techniques based on eigenvalue decomposition of Hankel matrix, November 2018.


9.      Mohit Kumar, Automated diagnosis methods for heart diseases using flexible analytic wavelet transform, February 2019.


10.  Anurag Nishad, Tunable-Q wavelet transform based filter banks for non-stationary signals analysis and classification, July 2019.


11.  Shishir Maheshwari, Advanced image analysis techniques for automated glaucoma diagnosis using retinal fundus images. (with Dr. V. Kanhangad), July 2020.


12.  Rahul Sharma, Biomedical signal processing using higher order statistics. (at IIT Kanpur, with Prof. P. Sircar), September 2020.


In Progress:


1.      Vipin Gupta, Fourier-Bessel domain based new methods for automated classification of EEG signals.


2.      Pradeep Chaudhary, New two-dimensional signal decomposition approaches for analysis and classification of medical images.


3.      Vivek Kumar Singh, Improved eigenvalue decomposition for non-stationary signal analysis.


4.      Kritiprasanna Das, Multivariate non-stationary signal analysis techniques for biomedical applications.


5.      Shailesh Bhalerao, Automated diagnosis methods for human brain diseases.


6.      Makam Kiran Kumar, Electroencephalogram signals processing.


7.      Amrit Panda, Hyperspectral image processing for biomedical applications. (with Dr. Neeta Devi Sinnappah-Kang, Christian Medical College Ludhiana, India)


8.      Akanksha Tiwari, Cognitive Rehabilitation based on micro spatial parameters of video games. (with Dr. Sanjram Premjit Khanganba, IIT Indore).


9.      Dada Saheb Ramteke, Gear fault diagnosis based on advanced signal processing techniques. (with Prof. Anand Parey, IIT Indore).


10.  Arti Anuragi, Improving automated analysis and leaning of EEG signals for brain disorders detection using Fourier-Bessel series expansion based empirical wavelet transform. (at NIT Raipur, with Dr. Dilip Singh Sisodia).


11.  Yamalakonda Venu Gopal, Estimation and filtering for dynamic control system. (with Dr. Abhinoy Kumar Singh, IIT Indore).


M. Tech. Thesis Supervision:




1.      Ashish Patwari, A proportional fair scheduling algorithm for cooperative transmission in OFDMA networks, July 2009. (with Dr. R. Govindarajulu, Dr. S. Kalyanasundaram, and Mr. N. Balamurli)


2.      V. Hari Rohit, Performance analysis of resource allocation types in LTE, July 2009. (with Dr. R. Govindarajulu, Dr. S. Kalyanasundaram, and Mr. V. Kamble)


3.      Omkishor Sahu, Automated classification of magnetic resonance brain images using bi-dimensional empirical mode decomposition, June, 2015. (with Dr. V. Kanhangad)


4.      Aswani Kumar Tiwari, Retinal blood vessel image segmentation and classification of epileptic seizure EEG signals for computer-aided diagnosis, June, 2016. (with Dr. V. Kanhangad)


5.      Satyartha Sharma, Detection of atrial fibrillation in electrocardiogram signals using tunable-Q wavelet transform, June, 2016.


6.      Surabhi Sood, Analysis and development of integrated index for diagnosis of coronary artery disease based on heart rate signals, June, 2016.


7.      Kapil Swarnkar, Classification of focal and non-focal electroencephalogram signals using recurrence plot method, June, 2016.


8.      Ashish Kumar, Automated detection of congestive heart failure based on the eigenvalue decomposition of HRV signals, June, 2017.


9.      Avinash Kalyani, Cross-terms free time-frequency representation using empirical wavelet transform and Wigner-Ville distribution, June 2018.


10.  Lokesh Singh, Improved empirical wavelet transform for non-stationary signal analysis using Fourier-Bessel series expansion, July 2018.


11.  Pratishtha Chandra, Eigenvalue decomposition based analysis and classification for electromyogram signals, July 2018.


12.  Puneet Jain, New approaches for speech enhancement based on variational mode decomposition and iterative filtering with applications of subspace approach, July, 2018. (with Dr. S.K. Vishvakarma).


13.  Piyush Varshney, Iterative filtering based automated detection of epileptic seizure EEG signals, July, 2018. (with Dr. S.K. Vishvakarma).


14.  Preeti Meena, Reduction of cross terms in Wigner-Ville distribution using variational mode decomposition, July 2019.


15.  Rajat Katiyar, Determination of respiratory and heart rates from PPG signals using FBSE-EWT method, July 2019.


16.  Richa Singh, Automated classification system for normal and ALS EMG signals based on iterative filtering, July 2019.


17.  Manoj Tripathi, EEG based automated identification of schizophrenia from FBSE-EWT technique, June 2020.


18.  Rishita Sharma, Windowed FBSE-EWT method for non-stationary signal analysis, June 2020.


19.  Borra Jeevan Teja, Automated method based on TQWT for the classification of alcoholism using EEG signals, June 2020.


20.  Muktagucha Naga Viswanath, Automated sleep apnea detection from ECG signals based on flexible analytic wavelet transform, June 2020.


B. Tech. Project Supervision:




1.      Ronak Bajaj and Saransh Chhabra, Fourier-Bessel expansion based features for speaker identification, November 2009. (with Prof. R.N. Biswas)


2.      Anamika Patel, Emotion recognition using EEG signals, May 2013.


3.      Varun Joshi, Applications of fractional calculus in signal processing, May 2013. (with Dr. A. Vijesh)


4.      Aakash Gupta, Deepak Yadav, and Pritesh Kanani, Vehicle license plate recognition, May 2013. (with Dr. R. Bodade)


5.      Suhani and Manila Chaudhary, Classification of normal, seizure, and seizure-free EEG signals, May 2014.


6.      Sachin Londhe, Kishan Soni, and Abhishek Kumar, Detection of human emotions based on EEG and ECG signals, May 2014.


7.      Arvind Kumar Meena and Devendra Kumar Meena, Determination of instantaneous fundamental frequency from speech signals, May 2014.


8.      Vimal Kumar Meena, Image enhancement using various filtering techniques, May 2014. (with Dr. A. Vijesh)


9.      Sanjay Kumar Meena, Comparison study of image enhancement techniques, May 2014. (with Dr. A. Vijesh)


10.  Rahul Shivaji Pawar, Design of adaptive doppler filter bank for ground based radars, May 2014.


11.  Harish Padigala, Singular value decomposition based method for AM-FM signal enhancement, May 2014.


12.  Pakala Avinash and Kora Shashank, Classification of normal and diabetic RR interval signals using empirical mode decomposition, May, 2015.


13.  Shah Meet akshaykumar and Sumit Saurav, Classification of epileptic seizure EEG signals using reconstructed phase space of intrinsic mode functions, May, 2015.


14.  Archit Mathur and Naveen Chaudhary, Detection of glottal closure instants from voiced speech signals using the Fourier-Bessel series expansion, May, 2015.


15.  Abhinav Tripathi and Dhaivat Janmejay Joshi, Automated classification of abnormal EMG signals using tunable-Q wavelet transform, December, 2016.


16.  Tanvi Priya and Abhishek Kumar Yadav, Computer-aided detection of non-focal and focal EEG signals using flexible analytic wavelet transform, December, 2016.


17.  Swastik Gupta and Konduri Hari Krishna, Automated classification of focal and non-focal EEG signals using Fourier-Bessel series expansion, December, 2017. (with Dr. M. Tanveer).


18.  Addepalli Hari Narayana, Infrared image processing for IoT module using NIR spectroscopy, December, 2017. (with Mr. Pravin Kumar Angolkar, Analog Devices India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore).


19.  Anmol Mansingh and Banka Nithin, Automated screening of sleep apnea from ECG signals using digital Taylor-Fourier transform, December, 2018.


20.  Mayur Dahyabhai Chopda, Automated identification of human emotions based on non-stationary EEG signal processing, December, 2018.


21.  Himali Singh, Sliding-mode singular spectrum analysis for sleep apnea detection using ECG signals, December 2019.


22.  Anmay Kumar, Fundamental frequency determination for speech signals of Vedic mantras, December 2019.


23.  Pankaj Verma, Study on effects of chanting on EEG signal rhythms, December 2019.




1.     Chethan N., Pitch frequency determination from speech signals based on FBSE-EWT method.


2.     Abhishek Vashishtha, Sliding mode singular spectrum analysis for automated detection of epilepsy using EEG signals.


3.     Varun Patil, Automated classification of phonocardiogram signals.


4.     Sonu Yadav, Signal processing based on Ramanujan sum.