IIT Indore
Research Interests
  • Surfaces and interfaces - Solids, liquids, soft matter and nanomaterials (metal/semicondutor-polymer nanocomposites, nanostructured organic/inorganic ultra-thin films): structure property relationship - optical properties and nano-photonics, photocatalytic activity.
  • Renewable energy-high efficiency photocatalyst, for H2 production through water splitting and solar cell application, using surface modification and graphene based cocatalyst.
  • Electrical Energy Storage - novel electrode materials for Al and Li-ion battery application.
  • Biomedical Applications of Nanotechnology-Biomedical nano-chip for detection of pathogens (virus, bacteria), inflammatory and tumor cells. Bio-instrumentation.
  • Techniques- X-ray scattering (XRD, XRR, GISAXS, GID), Spectroscopy (vuv, uv-vis, IR, PL, Raman, EELS, XPS, NEXAFS, SIMS), Atomic force microscopy, Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), Magnetron sputtering, spin coating, electrochemistry.

X-ray scattering, Spectroscopy (vuv, uv-vis, IR, EELS, XPS, NEXAFS, SIMS),
Synchrotron experiment, Atomic force microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM),
Magnetron sputtering, spin coating, electrochemistry.

Ongoing collaboration
New Mexico State University(NMSU), USA;
RWTH Aachen University, Germany;
Northwestern University, USA;
Argonne National Lab, USA.

Current Access in Synchrotron beamtime
DESY Photon source, Germany;
Advanced Photon Source, USA.

Professional Membership
  • Member of American Physical Society (APS)
  • Member of American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • Member of Material Science Research Society (MRS)

External Grant:Funding Agency
  • Department of Science and Technology, India (DST)
  • Council of Scientific and Industrial research, India (CSIR)
  • DESY (Germany)-DST (India)
  • DAAD (Germany)-DST (India)

Research Opportunities
  • Students interested in pursuing Ph.D. program in the above mentioned research areas are most welcome to apply through Indian Institute of Technology Indore or shall e-mail detailed curriculum vitae to sudeshna@iiti.ac.in
  • Students with CSIR, UGC, GATE, ICMR, M.Tech. qualifications are encouraged to apply
  • Faculty Profile
    Prof. Sudeshna Chattopadhyay
    Discipline of Physics
    Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Sciences(MEMS)
    Centre for Biosciences and Biomedical Engineering(BSBE)