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Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

Dr. Santanu Manna

Assistant Professor

Study of the dispersion of wave in solid and fluid-saturated porous media play a vital role to know about the internal structure of the media and also give valuable information about the variation of internal bonding parameters and their limitations. The dispersion of surface seismic waves (e.g., Rayleigh wave, Love wave, etc.) allows us to understand the specific properties of the Earth’s interior through which the wave has to travel. The particle motion of the Rayleigh wave is elliptically polarized in the plane, which described by the normal to the surface and the focal point along with wave propagation. The dispersion of waves refers typically to frequency dispersion, which means different wavelengths travel at a different velocity of phase. The study of the Rayleigh wave dispersion in a functionally graded orthotropic half-space loaded by a thin fluid-saturated aeolotropic porous layer play a significant role in the exploration of petroleum or oil, civil engineering aspects, and earthquake disaster prevention.


Fig: Dimensionless phase velocity and group velocity versus dimensionless wave number