IIT Indore
Research Interests
  • Softcomputing Techniques
  • Neural Network Learning Algorithms
  • Data Mining

More Specifically: My research interests are:
(a) Softcomputing based classifiers
(b) Data mining with Biometric and Medical Applications
(c) Design of a Semi-Supervised Neuro-fuzzy systems
(d) Ensemble Learning of Classifiers
(e) Optimization of softcomputing frameworks
(f) Binary Neural Network Learning with Quantum Processing

Specialization Field:
1. Softcomputing involves Neural network learning algorithms, Genetic Programming, Support vector machine, Fuzzy sets, Rough sets etc.

2. Datamining involves the use of Softcomputing algorithms for knowledge discovering in different applications i.e. Character recognition, face recognition etc.

3. DBMS involves the algorithms for relational database design.
Dr. Aruna Tiwari
Computer Science and Engineering