IIT Indore
Ph.D Supervision
S.No. Name PhD Thesis Title Status Year
1. Vandan Tewari "Methodologies for Client Oriented  Discovery and Mining in Web Service Environment" Awarded 2015
2. Arpit Bhardwaj "Investigation in Tree base Genetic Programming for Data Classification" Awarded 2015
3. Anuradha Purohit "Optimizing program structures for classifiers using GeneticProgramming" Awarded 2016
4. Neha Bharill "Investigations in Fuzzy Clustering and its application to Big Data " Awarded 2018
5. Omprakash Patel "Investigations in Quantum based Neural Network Learning Algorithms. " Awarded 2018
6. Animesh Chaturvedi "System Evolution Analytics: Data mining and learning of Complex and Big Evolving Systems. " Awarded 2020
7. Chandan Gautam "Kernel-based Learning in the absence of counterexamples: One Class Classification. " Awarded 2020
8. Preeti Jha "Design of Scalable Fuzzy Clustering Algorithms and its Application to Huge Genomics Data. " Awarded 2021
9. Vikas Chauhan "Multi-label Classification using Non-Iterative Learning and Deep Learning based approaches. " Awarded 2022
10. Suchitra Agrawal "Investigations in Multimodal Optimization using Differential Evolution and it's Applications. " Awarded 2023
MS Supervision
S.No. Name MS Thesis Title Status Year
1. Pratik Mishra "Minimum Variance Embedding-Based Least-Squares Methods for One-Class Classification." Completed
2. Siddharth Gupta "Approximated Deep Neural Networks." Completed
3. Shatendra Singh "Enhanced Opposition Differential Evolution Algorithm for Multimodal Optimization." Completed
4. Ajay Choudhary "Predictions in Non-Stationary Data Streams using Fuzzy Clustering-based Adaptive Regression. " Completed
5. Neelesh Ghanghoriya "Video Action Recognition using Deep Learning ." Ongoing
6. Saurav Kumar "CaaGrad : A Novel Adaptive Approach For Optimization in Deep Learning." Completed
7. Ananya Roy "Deep Learning Algorithm for Human Action Recognition." Submitted
8. Achint Kumar "Deep learning algorithm for genome data." Ongoing
9. Suhas G Hedge "Diffusion model for genrating soybean images." Ongoing
Dr. Aruna Tiwari
Computer Science and Engineering