Sponsored Research Projects

Title: Design and Development of a Trusted and Accountable Cloud Computing Platform
Sponsoring Agency: Science & Engineering Research Board, Government of India (PI: Prof. Neminath Hubballi)
Period: 2016 - 2019
Title: Big Data Aware High Capacity Wireless Network Architecture Using Caching and Machine Learning
Sponsoring Agency: DST-UKIERI (PI: Prof. Vimal Bhatia, Co-PI:Prof. Neminath Hubballi)
Period: 2017-2020
Title: Digital Forensic Knowledge Integration And Intelligence (DIREKT-Intel)
Sponsoring Agency: SPARC (PI: Prof. Neminath Hubballi)
Period: 2019-2021
Title: DPIAccelerator: Hardware Implementation of Deep Packet Inspection
Sponsoring Agency: CSIR (PI: Dr. Bodhisatwa Mazumdar, Co-PI:Prof. Neminath Hubballi)
Period: 2020-2023
Title: Detecting Collusion and Data Manipulation Attacks in Smart- Grid Networks
Sponsoring Agency: IHUB-NTIHAC, IIT Kanpur (PI: Prof. Neminath Hubballi)
Period: 2021-2024
Title: Cyber-Attack Detection and Impact Study in Energy Management System
Sponsoring Agency: SERB (PI: Prof. Neminath Hubballi)
Period: 2023-2025
Title: Traffic Characterization of Anonymous Communication Networks
Sponsoring Agency: DRDO (PI: Prof. Neminath Hubballi)
Period: 2023-2024

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