OPTImization for MAchine Learning (OPTIMAL) Research Group
OPTImization for MAchine Learning (OPTIMAL)
Research Group
Please see GitHub respository for codes.
PhD/Postdoc Positions

One RA/Postdoc Position is available. Last date for applying is Oct. 23, 2019.

A number of PhD studentships are available. The successful candidates will conduct research in machine learning, application to alzheimer's disease, optimization, and fixed point theory and applications. They will also have opportunity to collaborate with the world's top researchers in these fields. Applicants should have (or expect to gain) a 1st class degree in a numerate discipline (i.e. mathematics, cognitive science, computer science or engineering). Experience and interest in any of the techniques mentioned above would be advantageous, but an excellent academic background is the most important selection criteria.

We also have vacancies for high quality research fellow/postdocs in areas related to neuroimaging, application to Alzheimer's disease, support vector machines and optimization. The applicants should have published at top conferences or journals.

Interested candidates are requested to submit a detailed CV to Dr. M. Tanveer, Discipline of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Indore, via e-mail: mtanveer@iiti.ac.in.